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Sand Dollars are awesome, and this .925 Sterling Silver pendant and leather cord necklace was inspired by their simple beauty. Hand sculpted to capture it's subtle essence, this charm was made to evoke and make available to you, its casual charisma.

Charming, relaxing and fun, this is what our necklaces are about. Whether out for a casual day catching up with friends, an afternoon at the beach, lunch, or an evening drive, Island Buddies silver pendants with their leather cords can finish off so many different ensembles.


Our pendants and charms are created through a process known as lost wax casting.
An original sculpting is hand carved out of a solid block of wax. That sculpted wax is then set in a plaster cylinder and baked at more than 1000 degrees until all the wax is burnt out and a void of the sculpting remains. Molten precious metal is then spun into the void, and when it cools, it becomes the master model. A rubber mold is then made of the model so that duplicates can be made by injecting quick cooling liquid wax into the mold and then pulled to make many more wax copies of the original sculpting and the process repeats with the pendants then cast in sterling silver, polished, sand blasted and rhodium plated for a final hypoallergenic bright finish before going onto the accompanying leather cord.

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