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Island Buddies Nene the Cat

Nene the Cat

Gecko Town | Home of Island Buddies
Home of Island Buddies
Island Buddies


Gecko Town's Island Buddies®


Welcome to GeckoTown, home of Island Buddies® 

A Tropical Island & Beach Lifestyle Brand for Kids | T shirts | Unique Silver Charms | Colorful Animation & other Good Stuff!!


     Originally designed to showcase our Island Buddies® Sterling Silver Gecko Pendants,  Gecko Town quickly grew into something much bigger.  We wanted to add a more playful outlook to the standard island jewelry, apparel, and silver pendants that exist today, so our Characters now spring to life on the site, with fun, vibrant, and sometimes quirky personalities.


All this has been brought to you by Little Yamori, Gecko Island's very special Gecko, who managed to put the place together all by himself. All who come to Gecko Town become Little Yamori's friends--his Island Buddies!!!


Now you can see what Island Buddies® are all about, check out where they live, what they do, and all their adventurous stories too.


Thank you for taking the time to visit us :)  

Our Favorite Gecko Little Yamori

Little Yamori

Gecko Town's Founder
Midori the Gecko