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Gecko Town’s Gecko Facts



What is it that makes us like geckos so much?  There’s just something about them that draws us in. They seem so different from other types of lizards.





One of the features of geckos that make them appear pleasant is their eyes. Because many species of geckos have a clear eyelid, they never seem to blink or squint. This lets us see their big round dark or golden eyes all the time.





     Another special feature of most types of geckos is the pads on their toes. These pads are filled with tiny hairs, called “setae”, which enable them to stick to and climb up the smoothest objects we can find. In actuality the setae microscopically bond temporarily to nearly all surfaces so that a gecko can climb practically anything with ease.


     Where another lizard may be able to climb a rough wall, geckos can easily walk up glass. It’s amazing to see them run upside down on ceilings. Their feet are so specialized that even with these tiny gravity-defying super gripper setae, geckos are able to move as they like without getting stuck.





The scales of many species of geckos are also generally smaller than the scales of other lizards, giving them a skin-like quality. This may make them appear less reptilian than other lizards, perhaps a reason for people who generally fear reptiles to have less of a negative reaction to looking at geckos.





Another neat thing about geckos is their voices. Geckos may just be the only lizards with a voice. They can give a squeaky call or chirp. Anyone who has ever caught a few has probably been able to hear their little calls.





Geckos are mostly nocturnal, but some species are active in the day, and they are given the appropriate name “day geckos”. These species are often quite colorful such as the Madagascar Day Gecko and Gold Dust Day gecko species.


While some species will eat nectar and even fruit, geckos eat mostly insects, which is why we like to keep them around our homes. They are even seen as good luck throughout parts of Asia. In Japan they are known as “house protectors” this name is given with an appreciation toward their contribution to protecting people from disease spreading bugs and poisonous insects and spiders that would like to sneak into houses at night.



WoRld'S smallest LizArD


There are over 700 species of geckos living in the world’s warmer climates with varieties ranging from the tiniest (which happens to be the smallest lizard in the world), so small its whole body can fit on your finger tip, that’s including the tail; while the largest can be much longer than your whole hand.





Colors of geckos vary too; they can be dull earthy colors, full of camouflage, or vibrant bright green, blue, yellow, orange and red.


For all these interesting features, geckos continue to intrigue us. Gecko Town’s web site is dedicated to the fanciful fun side of geckos. We hope you enjoy your visit to our space.

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