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(Fun Island Fashion) This bright and cheery little gecko is so much fun & full of life. Sure to bring a smile and a little happy to your day, our cool .925 Sterling Silver Gecko Pendant comes on a Leather Cord with a lobster claw silver clasp. Sleek, Charming, Simple, and Cute, this Island Buddies' Original Pendant was made in-house, sculpted from wax, molded and cast from start to finish. Perfect for a gift (even for yourself) when going on that Hawaiian Island beach vacation, or any other day. Why a Body Boarder Gecko? Because this gecko's sticky feet keeps him from falling off the board!!

Sterling Silver Gecko charm with satin finish is on a 1.5 mm thick 18" brown colored leather cord with sturdy Sterling Silver clasp. Gecko is approximately 3/4" long by 1/4" wide.

Produced from an originally hand sculpted model and then cast from a mold, this Cool little Gecko is a lot of fun. One of 12 Special Gecko Pieces from Island Buddies.

Made in the U.S.A.

Bodyboarder Gecko | Sterling Silver Pendant

SKU: GP020
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Gecko Town began after a chance encounter with a tiny gecko hatchling on the North Shore of Oahu. This little guy was amazingly small, and so super cool, that we knew we had to create something special to capture the feeling we had when holding it in our hands.

After many long hours of sculpting and carving, we came up with a collection of 12 special little Sterling Silver Gecko Charms, all about the same size as that original little hatchling.

Our mission from that point forward, was to spread a little bit of fun and cheer through our products, to use quality material, and make our pendants right in our own neighborhood.

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