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Gecko Town's Island Buddies®



GECKO TOWN began with the mysterious hatching of Little Yamori (who's a very special little gecko ).  Ever since Little Yamori built this place, Gecko's have come from all around the world, many of them following the wondrous "Echo of a Gecko"  that lead them to Gecko Island.  Once they arrive, they know that this place, GECKO TOWN, is made just for them, and they quickly become Little Yamori's friends, his Island Buddies!!!


You can watch Island Buddies' "Gecko Tales"  Cartoons,  or read "Gecko Tales" stories, either way, you'll get to find out about all of Little Yamori's Island Buddies' wild adventures!!!

Island Buddies | a Beach Lifestyle Brand

Space Bug and Gordo the Gecko from Island Buddies YouTube Animation The Galactic Gecko
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Gecko Town | Home of Island Buddies
Home of Island Buddies
Island Buddies | Fun Island Jewelry and Apparel
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