Fun Island Jewelry Shaka Gecko Necklace
Fun Island Jewelry Wind Surfing Gecko Necklace
Fun Island Jewelry Rock Climbing Gecko Neckace
Fun Island Jewelry Boogie boarder Gecko Necklace
Fun Island Jewelry Hula Gecko Neckace
Fun Island Jewelry Gecko Necklace

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Fun Island Jewelry Karate Gecko Necklace
Fun Island Jewelry Kung Fu Gecko Necklace
Fun Island Jewelry Skateboard Gecko Necklace
Fun Island Jewelry Surfing Gecko Necklace

Island Buddies®


Fun Sterling Silver Gecko Pendants




Sporting board shorts, a grass skirt, or wet suits, Island Buddies® geckos always keep themselves busy around Gecko Town. With 12 different character charms to choose from, there’s bound to be a gecko for everyone.

Paying close attention to detail and using a custom satin finish for a real gecko look, we’ve hand crafted our Sterling Silver pendants right here in the U.S.  Each Gecko pendant comes with an 18 inch colored leather cord with a sturdy Sterling Silver clasp.

We hope you enjoy Island Buddies® pendants as much as we enjoy making them!!!



$29.95 each plus shipping and handling
*CA residents add sales tax.

Cord colors:
Bark Brown  (Hanging Gecko, Rock Climber)
Lava Black    (Karate, Kung Fu)
Natural Sand (Hula, Snorkeler)
Moss Green (Sumo, Skateboarder)
Ocean Blue   (Surfing, Boogie Boarder)
Sky Blue        (Shaka, Wind Surfing)


Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery



Choking Hazard
Contains small parts.
Keep away from small children
Recommended for ages 13 and up




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Fun Island Jewelry Sumo Gecko Necklace
Fun Island Jewelry Snorkel Gecko Necklace

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